Not the sexiest of discussions, but an ImportAnt one none the less, because we all own a toilet and have had to clean it at some point and if you haven’t, well that’s just disgusting and it is about time you did!

Does the sh*t stick…? We talk Plastic versus Coconut fibre Toilet Brushes… 

If you were to ask your Grandparents they will tell you of a time when coconut fibre toilet brushes were the norm. However, when plastics were developed they were cast aside with the invention of the plastic toilet brush in 1932.

But which brush works better – plastic or coconut fibre?

There are two types of plastic used in a standard toilet brush; the non-porous hard moulded plastic is used for the handle and a soft, flexible, porous nylon or polypropylene plastic is used for the brush fibres. The porousness means that these fibres absorb odours and germs and over time can yellow, which is a bad look in a bathroom.

Plastic fibres also lose their shape and flatten which makes them less effective for cleaning areas like the toilet rim. When they have flattened you can end up scrubbing your toilet with the hard plastic of the handle which can scratch your toilet bowl.

On the other hand, we have Coconut Fibre, which is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This is perfect for a toilet brush because it is bacteria that causes odours.  The natural coconut fibre doesn’t discolour or lose its shape, even after constant use. It is stiff enough to scrub, yet flexible enough not to flick water at you. It is also unaffected by moisture and dampness and is tough and long lasting.

Plastic is derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resources that is not biodegradable. It contributes to plastic micro fibres being flushed down our drains and found in ever increasing quantities in our oceans, marine life and our food chains.

Coconut fibre is a renewable natural resource, carbon neutral, and biodegradable, with no nasty added chemicals to pollute our earth.

Our Eco Max Toilet Brush has a curved shaped head to easily clean the rim and down the s-bend of the bowl. And more importantly, it has a long timber handle for easy reach, so you won’t get your hands wet.

Much prettier than plastic, The Eco Max Coconut fibre Toilet Brush certainly is environmentally sexy.  You will love how well it works. And NO, the sh*t doesn’t stick. Making Coconut the new black in toilet brush design.