ECOMAX Wash & Groom Pet Brush Small

A plastic free Wash & Groom coconut fibre Pet Brush to use wet with a soap for washing or dry as a grooming brush.

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Handmade from natural coconut fibre

Naturally anti-bacterial so won’t become smelly or mouldy

Can be used wet to help spread shampoo throughout the coat and dry to brush out dirt, sand, dry skin cells and loose hairs

The rounded ends of a natural fibre brush mean that it is soft enough for your pet’s sensitive skin

Plastic free, Fair Trade, Vegan, Biodegradable

Brush care: Rinse and place in the sun to dry. Compost at the end of it’s life.


Unit cost: $10.50 RRP: $21.95


Length: 20.5cm (Brush Head Length: 11cm)
Width: 8cm
Depth: 4cm

Please note that as these are a handmade product there may be slight variation in sizing


Coconut fibre
Galvanized wire
Alstonia timber
Non-toxic sealant
Cotton cord


ECOMAX Brushes is an Australian owned brand that works in partnership with our producers in Sri Lanka providing training and employment for underprivileged local women. Endorsed as Fair Traders by the Fair Trade Association of Australia, ECOMAX Brushes are guided by the principles of Fair Trade and support our women by providing sustainable employment, a living wage, free in-house creche and a safe and positive working environment.

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